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The Farm

the beginning...

As a young girl growing up in Prince Edward County in Eastern Ontario, I learned the art of making Jams and Jellies from both my Grandmother and Mother.  The recipes were uncomplicated and used only fresh local fruits and sweeteners like honey, maple syrup or raw cane sugar.  Most of the recipes I use today have been passed from one generation to another.  My ancesters settled on my main farm more than 185 years ago and first grandparents arrived in Marysburgh in 1834 not far from my main farm.

I get asked many times how long have I been doing what I do!  It made me think about times when I was a teenager on the farm.  When I was old enough to legally drive, I would load the truck with my vegetable and peddled them to the local residents and tourist twice a week all summer.  This continued each year until I went to College.  Life changed…

The Heart of a Farmer

All my products are Farm to Table. They are grown with care and attention on my farm. Using fresh products, I then turn it into something wholesome for you to enjoy.

Although not organically certified, I do not use chemicals or pesticides in my gardens.  

All the products I make using my produce are created so that the ingredients are the star. you won't find fillers and unusual ingredients in any of my products.